Encounters With The Living God

Each chapter reveals riveting accounts of miraculous encounters with God. With each encounter, the living God uniquely and supernaturally responded to the cries of a woman who in desperate situations called out to the Savior who loved her.  Susan experienced life being legally blind from birth, incurring numerous eye surgeries and suffered through a series of abuse filled situations, many brought about by unwise choices. This later culminated in her suffering the disabling effects of Multiple Sclerosis.  In her deep desire to know God and His healing grace, she cried out to Him for help.  He answered her with many miraculous encounters many of these, she has retold in her book, Encounters with the Living God.  Through them, the Lord revealed to her His true character, her broken understanding and finally after much healing of her body, her emotions and her spiritual life, she received many rich insights that are woven through each chapter.

The pages of this journey will bring hope to all who have suffered devastating illness and/or abuse at the hand of others. It is told from the perspective of one whose life reflects the healing and grace that expresses compassion, empathy and hope to all who seek the love that heals.